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          Triammonium Citrate
          Chemical name Triammonium Citrate
          Chemical name Triammonium Citrate
          Molecular formula C6H17N3O7
          Molecular weight 243.22
          CAS NO. 3458-72-8
          Structural formula
          Conventional detection appearance: white crystal or crystal powder
          melting point: 185.0℃
          content: ≥99.0%
          solubility: soluble in water and acids, insoluble in ethanol, ether, and acetone
          chloride: ≤0.05
          sulfate: ≤0.1
          ferrum: ≤0.005
          Features and uses

          This product is mainly used in chemical analysis, industrial water treatment, metal cleaning (oil pipeline cleaning), ceramic dispersant, osmotic aid, detergent raw material, and soil conditioner components, and also used in medicine, electronics and other industries. It is used in analytical chemistry as a chemical reagent, such as determination of phosphate in fertilizer, determination of available phosphoric acid in phosphate and fertilizer. This product is used as a complexing agent in electroplating industry without cyanide. The product is used in the mechanical industry to prepare antirust agent. The product is used as buffer and emulsifier in food industry.

          Storage and packaging This product should be stored in a dry and ventilated and clean warehouse. It should be lightly loaded and transported to prevent packaging damage, damp and hot. Inner polyethylene plastic bag, outer compound plastic woven bag packing, each bag net weight 25kg.

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