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          Antioxidants 1024
          Chemical name 1,2-Bis(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyhydrocinnamoyl)hydrazine
          CAS NO. 32687-78-8
          Molecular formula C34H52N2O4
          Molecular weight 553
          Indicator appearance: white crystal powder
          volatile: ≤0.5%
          melting point: 224-229℃
          content: ≥99%
          ash content: ≤0.1%
          light transmittance(g/100ml methyl benzene): 425nm≥96%; 500nm≥98%; clear and transparent
          To use

          The product has the dual structure of phenol and hydrazine. It also has the function of antioxidant and metal deactivation. This product is suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, and polyester, especially for use as an antioxidant of phenolic resin. This product can effectively prevent the self-oxidation caused by the presence of transition metal ions (such as catalyst residues) in the polymer.


          It is white to light yellow crystal powder, no taste, no stimulation; soluble in methanol and acetone, slightly soluble in chloroform and hexyl acetate, insoluble in water; good storage and transportation stability, low toxicity.

          Storage and transportation This product should be stored in dark, normal temperature and dry place.Packed in cardboard barrels lined with plastic bags, net weight 25kg/ barrel or as required by the customer.

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