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          »  Antioxidant
          Antioxidants 616
          Chemical name poly(dicyclopentadiene-co-P-cresol)
          CAS NO. 68610-51-5
          Molecular weight 650
          Structural formula
          Quality index
          item index
          appearance light brown flake grey white powder
          initial melting point, ℃ =115 =115
          volatile, wt% =0.5 =0.5
          ash content, wt% =0.15 =0.15

          It is light yellow tablet or milk white powder with fine liquidity; Molecular weight: 600~700; Molecular weight:650; bulk density: 300Kg/m3~350Kg/m3; specific gravity: 1.10; flashing point: 416℃ ; this product is soluble in aromatic compounds, ketones and alcohols, and insoluble in water and aliphatic compounds.

          Features and advantages

          It is a kind of polyphenol antioxidant with high activity, low volatility, multipurpose and no pollution. It is recommended excellent antioxidant for natural and synthetic rubber polymers and butadiene compounds. It also has good antioxidant effect in latex and has excellent dispersibility or compatibility. In rubber, elastic silk thread, carpet bottom glue, foam and other materials under multiple washing and cooking, it shows a lower migration or extraction.

          To use 1.Mainly used to protect light color, non-pollution color compounds, such as: natural rubber, sealant, ABS, BR, IR, NBR, NR, SBR, SBS, SIS and other derivatives.
          2.It can be applied in the processing of polymer, such as: elastic silk thread, carpet lining back, foam rubber pad material, sole material, family and surgical rubber gloves, medical products, baby pacifier, rubber additives, thermos, bathroom mat, auto parts, paper coating, etc., to enhance stability.
          3.It protects natural and synthetic polymers based on isoprene and butadiene chemistry.
          4.It can be used as an effective additive of polyphenol.
          Storage and transport The product should be moisture-proof and heat-proof. Should not be exposed to the sun or high temperature storage, should be placed in a cool dry place.
          Packaging For packaging of 25kg paper-plastic composite bag or 500kg/1000kg package, tanning, dampness and heat should be avoided during storage and transportation. It can also be packaged as required by the user.
          Dosage 0.05%-1%
          Shelf life As of the date of production, the warranty period shall be 36 months under specified storage conditions.

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