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            Ultraviolet Absorbent  
            Light Stabilizer  
            Fluorescent Whitening Agent  
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          »  Fluorescent Whitening Agent
          Fluorescent Whitening Agent OB-1
          Chemical Name Fluorescent Whitening Agent OB-1
          Property good effect, strong fluorescence
          used in polyester, nylon and plastic
          Property. good performence in HT and weather
          Main Indexes appearance yellow powder
          Color light blue purple(similar to standard)
          melting point≥359°C
          Fineness >300mesh
          Characteristics and Uses used in polyester, nylon, polypropylene
          used in PP, ABS, EVA, PS and PC
          used in nomal polymerization of polyester and nylon
          Storing and Packaging

          1kg×12 or 2kg×5 carton , 20kg metal drum or following your demand , stored in dark , cool and dry place


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