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            Ultraviolet Absorbent  
            Light Stabilizer  
            Fluorescent Whitening Agent  
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          »  Light Stabilizer
          Light Stabilizing Agent 622
          Chemical name Butanedioic acid polymer with(4-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperidineethanol)
          Molecular Formula C15n+1H25n+4O4n+1N
          CAS NO. 70198-29-7
          Chemical Structure
          Main Indexes It is white or light yellow grain solname.
          The content of available nitrogen is 4.9%.
          Its softening temperature is 55~80°C.
          The relative density is 1.18(20°C).
          The heat loss of 1% is 275°C and 10% is 325°C.
          This product is an oligomer with good process heat stability and has good compatibility with resin.
          It is water-fast, and is effective to prevent the degradation of high polymer caused by light, heat and weather, water.
          Solubility /(20°C) Solvent: Solubility
          hexyl hydrnamee :<0.01
          toluene: 15
          acetone :4
          ethyl acetate :3
          chloroform :>40
          methyl chlornamee: >40
          carbinol :0.05
          water: <0.01
          Characteristics and Uses The product is wnameely used in polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, olefin copolymer and polyester, soft PVC, polyurethane, metaformaldehyde and polyamnamee.
          Toxicity Can be used in plastic of contact food

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