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          Antioxidant 300
          Chemical Name 4,4'-Thio-bis(6-tert-butyl-m-methyl phenol)
          Molecular Formula C22H30O2S
          CAS NO. 96-69-5
          Structural Formula:
          Main Indexes Appearance :White or light yellow powder.
          Melting point :161-164°C
          Content :≥98%
          Moisture" ≤0.1%
          Ash content: ≤0.05%
          Characteristics and Uses As an antioxidant, it is suitable for the polyolefine, polyester, polystyrene, ABS resin, polyvinyl-chloride and so on. And also is suitable for the white, bright colored or the transparent products.
            Antioxidant 300 is a typical thiobisphenol antioxidant, because of its special structure, it has both the functions of free radical terminator and hydroperoxide decomposer, when it is to be used together with the carbon black, it shows outstanding synergistic effect for which other commonly used antioxidants are unable to compare with.
             This product is the high efficiency main antioxidant of rubber, polyolefine, plastic and so on products. Especially when it is used as the antioxidant of the polyethylene cable electrical wire material, its effect is outstanding. So in both domestic and foreign cable electrical wire industry, it is widely used.
             When this antioxidant is used for the polyethylene food packing material, its limited use level is: low density polyethylene: 0.05%; high density polyethylene: 0.25%.
             Adopt the Antioxidant 300 in the polyethylene has the following advantages: Better keep the raw material's physical properties( such as tensile strength, elongation rate, melt index, etc.); Can preserve its electrical property, high heat stability; Improve product's weathering resistance; Its ageing resistance effect is four times better than common aging-proof agents; Smaller volatility than other commonly used antioxidants; Special synergistic effect with carbon black.
          Storing and Packing Antioxidant 300 has stable property, has no special requirement to the storage. When store up, avoid high temperature and dampness. Use cardboard drum inner lining plastic bag, net weight 25kg/drum. Or design according to customer demand.

          Antioxidant 311
          Chemical Name 1, 3, 5—Tri(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzyl)-s-triazine-2,4,6-(1H,3H,5H)trione Or Tri(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy-benzyl)isocyanurate
          Molecular Formula C48H69N3O3
          Molecular weight 784
          Properties This product is white powder, flash point: 289.4℃(open), relative density: 1.03, kindling point: 302℃.
          Main Indexes Melting point:℃≥ 212.0
          Heating loss:%≤ 0.1
          Toluene insoluble:%≤ 0.1
          Ash content :%≤ 0.1
          Transmittance(430mu benzene as the solvent):≥ 90.0
          Fineness(100mesh):%≤ 2.0
          The solubility in each following 100g solvent(25℃)is : acetone: 29.4; benzene: 9.97; ethanol: 1.58; methanol: 0.54; water: 0.002
          Characteristics and Uses Antioxidant 311 can prevent the polymer being heated and the polymer's aging because of the oxidation action. It also has light resistance and keep the product color for a long time. This product has stable property and good thermal character. It is colorless, tasteless, pollution free and has slight toxicity. It has stabilization to plastic rubber and rubber grease and so on compounds, it is especially suitable for polyolefin compounds, it can greatly lengthen the product's useful life.
          Storing and Packing

          1. Packing of products:20kg cardboard drum inner lining plastic bag, and fit with fractional package for customer probation.
          2. Product toxicity & storage:white rat oral toxicity LD50 is 15, 000mg/kg. So its toxicity is slight, It can be used in the products that will contact food; when store, pay attention to prevent moisture.


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